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DISCLAIMER - The opinions posted on this site are submitted directly by the Lycoming County Court of Common Pleas. All opinions submitted by the court are posted in the form received, and the Lycoming Law Association is not responsible for the content of any opinion or the decision to post any opinion, as all opinions received from the court are posted without editing or otherwise altering their content.  Any concerns regarding a posted opinion should be directed to the Judge who issued the opinion as the Association will not alter or remove an opinion without court direction.

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next Commonwealth vs. Heddings  (01.19.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; mootness; issues for a hearing; burden of proof.  (heddings011918L)  (Posted: 01.19.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. McCullough  (01.19.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Suppression motion; scope of permissible search incident to arrest; validity of search of phone was not substantially contemporaneous with arrest; timing of search.  (mccullough011918L)  (Posted: 01.19.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Lawrence; Commonwealth vs. Dennis  (01.18.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Consolidation motion; participation in the same act or transaction; judicial economy; prejudice; defendants' conflicting versions.  (lawrence011918L)  (Posted: 01.19.2018)

next CWT Adoption  (01.18.2018Judge Joy Reynolds McCoy
Adoption:   Petition for involuntary termination of parental rights; settled purpose to relinquish parental claim to a child or failure to perform parental duties for at least six months; diligent efforts towards the reasonably prompt assumption of full parental responsibilities; question of whether a bond exists between child and parent..  (AdoptionofCWTJr011818m)  (Posted: 01.19.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Najdek  (01.11.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Suppression motion; vehicle stop and narcotics investigations outside primary police jurisdiction; probable cause to arrest; nexus between police officer's experience and search, arrest, or seizure of evidence.  (Najdek011118bt)  (Posted: 01.11.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Hoover  (01.11.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Appeal; vacation of order granting early release from supervision within 30 days of entry; circumstances requiring the court to continue supervision.  (Hoover011118bt)  (Posted: 01.11.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. McHenry  (01.09.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Dismissal motion; SORNA registration offense; retroactive application of registration requirements; revival of previous statute upon invalidation of amended statute.  (McHenry010918bt)  (Posted: 01.09.2018)

next SK vs. PK  (01.08.2018Judge Joy Reynolds McCoy
Divorce:   Contempt petition; interpretation of QDRO language; distribution of supplemental FERS annuity; ambiguity of agreement.  (sk010818m)  (Posted: 01.09.2018)

next EDS vs. SS  (01.02.2018Judge Joy Reynolds McCoy
Divorce:   Exceptions to equitable distribution; using liquidation value to value marital home and NASCAR collection; credibility of evidence of cause of damage to vehicle; value assessed to cash withdrawn by husband from marital account before separation; decision to provide wife with percentage of marital portion of Husband’s pension rather than an immediate offset; consideration of direct contributions wife made to marital residence during the marriage where increase in value of marital residence was factored into distribution; ordering husband to provide health insurance for wife; speculative testimony about wife's needs; alimony request; pension award through rollover to wife; amount of award in light of wife's underemployment and lack of credibility about her actual income; valuation of vehicle with low mileage; equitable distribution factors; fair rental value of house.  (eds010218m)  (Posted: 01.02.2018)

next KH vs. DH  (12.29.2017Judge Joy Reynolds McCoy
Divorce:   Motion to enforce marital separation agreement; factual disputes relating to alleged damage to the marital home during possession of wife; awardability of attorney fees; interpretation of terms of property settlement agreement.  (Hill122917m)  (Posted: 12.27.2017)

next Irion vs. PaDOT Bureau of Driver Licensing  (12.27.2017Judge Joy Reynolds McCoy
Administrative Appeal:   License suspension appeal; 9 month delay of notice; unreasonable delay; prejudice; credibility of belief that license was not to be suspended; detrimental reliance.  (Irion122717m)  (Posted: 12.28.2017)

next Kutney Insurance Agency, Inc. vs. Winters and Travelers Indemnity Company  (12.26.2017Judge Dudley N. Anderson
Civil:   Preliminary objections and motion for judgment on the pleadings; striking reply to new matter as untimely; just cause for delay; new matter deemed denied by operation of law; response to conclusions of law.  (kutney122617a)  (Posted: 12.27.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Bradford  (12.19.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Suppression motion; DUI arrest; voluntariness of consent to submit to blood test; necessity of search warrant for blood test; necessity for defendant to be advised of his rights to refuse or that the results of the test may be used in a criminal prosecution.  (Bradford121917L)  (Posted: 12.27.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. El Hafiz  (12.19.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Suppression motion; vehicle stop for suspicious activity in a high narcotics trafficking area; immediate arrest of fleeing defendant; reasonable suspicion to stop vehicle; mere avoidance of the police; probable cause to arrest; unprovoked flight justifying stop of defendant.  (ElHafiz121917L)  (Posted: 12.19.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. McLaurin  (12.19.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Commonwealth appeal; grant of defendant's oral motion in limine before commencement of trial; admissibility of prison health records; relevance; prejudice outweighing relevance; evidence inviting speculation by the jury; hearsay; self-authentication of business record; evidence admissible for the truth of its contents.  (McLaurin121917L)  (Posted: 12.19.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Reem  (12.19.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Reconsideration of refusal to dismiss post conviction relief act petition; need to have criminal information specifically reference growing marijuana plants rather than possession with intent to deliver where both offenses originate in the same section of the act and have the same penalties; issue not pursued by petitioner; claimed conditions not reasonably related to rehabilitation.  (Reem121817L)  (Posted: 12.19.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Gooden-Reid  (12.15.2017Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Appeal.  (Gooden-Reid121517bt)  (Posted: 12.16.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Moyer  (12.15.2017Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; sufficiency of the evidence; issues previously litigated; discretionary aspects of sentence as basis for post conviction relief; ineffective assistance of counsel; underlying claim of arguable merit.  (Moyer121517bt)  (Posted: 12.16.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Gardner  (12.15.2017Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Suppression motion; vehicle stop for tinted windshield violation after receiving anonymous tip about drug transaction; requiring occupants to alight from vehicle; Terry frisk; probable cause to search vehicle; consent to search person; probable cause for search warrant to swipe hands for the presence of illegal narcotics.  (Gardner121517bt)  (Posted: 12.16.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Hoffman  (12.14.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Nunc pro tunc post-trial motion; post conviction relief act petition; timeliness issues; retroactive application of a new constitutional right; constitutionality of SORNA as applied retroactively.  (Hoffman121417L)  (Posted: 12.19.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Sabur  (12.14.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Appeal; waiver of issues not first raised in the trial court; ineffective counsel claim; failure to raise fabrication defense in light of clear evidence of resistance of crime; vague claims; failure to call alibi witness where defendant admitted presence at scene of crime; failure to request jury instruction on misidentification where victim admitted he did not see who shot him; failure to object to evidence regarding prior firearms convictions where prosecutor may still have been able to introduce evidence in rebuttal; suggestive identification violation; intoxication alone to preclude valid waiver of one’s Miranda rights; claimed discovery violation that was previously litigated; failure to hire ballistics expert were gun issues not pertinent to issues at trial; failure of appellate counsel to assert claims of trial counsel ineffectiveness on direct appeal.  (Sabur121417L)  (Posted: 12.16.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Susquehanna House, Inc., McCloy, Moore, Sparkenbaugh, McCloy and Nutt  (12.14.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Civil:   Summary judgment motion; Commonwealth citation to seek redress and obtain damages for public injuries caused by self-dealing and breach of fiduciary duties in charity; standing to continue case under doctrine of parens patriae where charity involuntarily dissolved; Attorney General's obligation to enforce the public’s interest in restoring charitable property that has been unlawfully diverted; double jeopardy claim where restitution previously ordered in criminal prosecution; pleading exact amount claimed in action for accounting and surcharge; statute of limitations; doctrine of nullum tempus; issues of material fact; indemnification for charity's payment of criminal defense attorney legal fees; claimed abuse of fair discovery protections; pro se representation.  (susquehanna121417L)  (Posted: 12.16.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Keefer  (12.08.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; timeliness.  (Keefer120817L)  (Posted: 12.16.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Alford  (12.07.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Appeal; role professional ethics tenant of candor to the tribunal plays in pursuing an appeal; sufficiency of evidence of heroin possession, intent to deliver and delivery.  (Alford120717L)  (Posted: 12.07.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Womer  (12.06.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Post conviction hearing act petition; ineffective counsel for failing to advise defendant of collateral civil consequence of guilty plea to DUI.  (Womer120717L)  (Posted: 12.06.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Maneval  (12.05.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Appeal; sexually violent predator status; constitutionally of Sexual Offender Registration and Notification Act; waiver of issues not raised at trial; illegal sentence; sentence at the top of the aggravated range constituting manifest abuse of discretion; sentencing factors.  (maneval120517L)  (Posted: 12.05.2017)

next Kuntz Estate  (12.05.2017Judge Nancy L. Butts
Wills and Estates:   Discovery motions for sanctions, to compel and for contempt; intentional failure of estate's attorney to appear at deposition in response to subpoena; attorney fee and cost award for civil contempt.  (Kuntz120517bt)  (Posted: 12.05.2017)

next MDG, Jr. vs. KW  (12.01.2017Judge Joy Reynolds McCoy
Custody:   Appeal.  (mdg120117m)  (Posted: 12.05.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Whitmoyer  (11.30.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Suppression motion; vehicle stop; validity of consent to blood test; Birchfield issue; consent a product of an essentially free and unconstrained choice and not the result of duress or coercion; defendant’s testimony contradictory, vague and confused.  (whitmoyer113017L)  (Posted: 12.02.2017)

next Commonwealth vs. Geist  (11.29.2017Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Appeal; voluntary or understanding nature of guilty plea of person subsequently claiming to have been intoxicated during the hearing; waiver by failing to raise issue during hearing; manifest injustice; voluntariness demonstrated by testimony at hearing.  (Geist112917L)  (Posted: 11.29.2017)