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DISCLAIMER - The opinions posted on this site are submitted directly by the Lycoming County Court of Common Pleas. All opinions submitted by the court are posted in the form received, and the Lycoming Law Association is not responsible for the content of any opinion or the decision to post any opinion, as all opinions received from the court are posted without editing or otherwise altering their content.  Any concerns regarding a posted opinion should be directed to the Judge who issued the opinion as the Association will not alter or remove an opinion without court direction.

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next Commonwealth vs. Crippen  (06.20.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Suppression motion; in-court identification by confidential informant where photo used for out-of-court identification has been lost; unduly suggestive photographic line-ups; probable cause for traffic stop; reasonable suspicion of criminal activity; valid consent to pat down search after vehicle stop; sufficiency of evidence of endangering children where child is in vehicle from which defendant is dealing drugs.  (Crippen062018bt)  (Posted: 06.20.2018)

next Good Will Hunting Club, Inc. vs. Shipman  (06.13.2018Judge Eric R. Linhardt
Civil:   Non-jury trial; boundary line dispute; order of precedence in methods used to determining boundaries; comparing expert opinions; doctrine of consentable line; acquiescence; parties recognizing and acquiescing in poster line as defining boundary between two properties; failure to object constituting acquiescence.  (Goodwill061318Li)  (Posted: 06.13.2018)

next DAD vs. AL  (06.12.2018Judge Joy Reynolds McCoy
Family:   Appeal; timeliness; failure to timely file and serve concise statement; waiver of issues for appeal.  (dad061218m)  (Posted: 06.13.2018)

next In re Termination of Parental Rights to AD1, AD2 and AB  (06.11.2018Judge Eric R. Linhardt
Adoption:   Agency petition for termination of parental rights; settled purpose to relinquish parental claim to a child or fails to perform parental duties for at least six months prior to the filing of the termination petition; incarcerated parent; merely passive interest in the development of ones children; incarceration as incapacity which has caused the children to be without essential parental care, control or subsistence necessary for their physical or mental well-being; bond existing between the child and parent; effect of parent’s own feelings of love and affection for child.  (DD061118Li)  (Posted: 06.11.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Martz  (06.11.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Contest of restitution order; burden of proof; failure to present witnesses at hearing.  (martz061118L)  (Posted: 06.11.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Sturgis  (06.11.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Suppression motion; timeliness; interests of justice; knowledge of facts that support motion within required time; merits not apparent; reasonable suspicion for pat down search.  (Sturgis061118L)  (Posted: 06.11.2018)

next Rhinehart vs. PennDOT  (06.11.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   License suspension appeal; commercial motor vehicle licensed driver; incorrect warning for revocation of operating privileges or the disqualification of commercial driving privileges; knowing or intelligent waiver; suspension of an operating privilege under Pennsylvania Implied Consent Law; reasonable grounds to believe driver was operating vehicle while under the influence of a controlled substance.  (rhinehart061118bt)  (Posted: 06.11.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Rawles  (06.08.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Motion to compel comprehensive response to bill of particulars; claimed woefully inadequate response; purpose of a bill of particulars; request for Commonwealth to divulge each element of charges; discovery request aimed at the Commonwealth’s evidence and theory of the case.  (Rawles060818bt)  (Posted: 06.11.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Haines  (06.07.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Suppression motion; defendant not advised by police officer of constitutional right to refuse a blood draw unless a warrant was first obtained or that he could speak to counsel; knowing, intelligent or voluntary consent to blood draw; totality of circumstances .  (Haines060718)  (Posted: 06.07.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Applegate  (06.07.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Commonwealth’s motion in limine; sufficiency of self-defense/justification proffer; facing clear and imminent harm; legal alternative to use of force; duty to retreat while in illegal possession of a firearm.  (Applegate060718L)  (Posted: 06.07.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Steele  (06.07.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Appeal; sufficiency of evidence of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse; forcible compulsion; evidence viewed in light most favorable to Commonwealth; lack of transcript to review evidence.  (Steele060718bt)  (Posted: 06.07.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Conard Carpenter  (06.04.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Motion to vacate order sexually violent predator hearing; constitutionality of new two-track registration program; punitive effect; exemption to registration process that is largely fanciful with changes being illusory at best; determination by a factfinder via a beyond the reasonable doubt standard.  (Carpenter060418L)  (Posted: 06.04.2018)

next In the interest of JSZ  (06.04.2018Judge Joy Reynolds McCoy
Criminal:   Commonwealth appeal; remand to supplement the record due to Commonwealth's failure to timely file a rule 1925(b) statement.  (InReJZ060418m)  (Posted: 06.07.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Adkins  (06.01.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Commonwealth appeal; reasonable efforts to serve arrest warrant; conclusory statement by police officer that officers attempted to serve warrant outside territorial limits of their primary jurisdiction; basis of knowledge.  (Adkins060118L)  (Posted: 06.03.2018)

next Smith vs. Montoursville Area School District  (06.01.2018Judge Eric R. Linhardt
Administrative Appeal:   Appeal of local agency determination; claim for back pay and benefits; due process requirements; issues addressed during pre-deprivation (Loudermill) hearing; effect of notice of dismissal coming from administrator, rather than school board; sufficiency of the detail in notice of termination; procedural due process requirements.  (Smith060118Li)  (Posted: 06.01.2018)

next RL, III Adoption  (05.31.2018Judge Joy Reynolds McCoy
Adoption:   Petition for involuntary termination of parental rights; settled purpose of relinquishing parental claim; failure to perform parental duties for at least the six months preceding the filing of the petition; child has been removed from the care of the parent by the court; failure to utilize all resources available to imprisoned father; no relationship between the child and father .  (AdoptionofRL053118m)  (Posted: 06.03.2018)

next Laurel Hill Game and Forestry Club vs. Brion  (05.30.2018Judge Eric R. Linhardt
Civil:   Petition to strike or open judgment to quiet title to the subsurface rights; service by publication; the lack of indispensable party; subject matter jurisdiction; sufficiency of petition.  (LaurelHill053018Li)  (Posted: 05.30.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Schaeffer  (05.30.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Appeal.  (Schaeffer053018L)  (Posted: 05.30.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Harvey  (05.29.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; allegedly prejudicial remarks made by juror; credibility of testimony of witness to statement.  (Harvey052918bt)  (Posted: 05.29.2018)

next Heim vs. Hope Enterprises Foundation Incorporated and/or Hope Enterprise, Inc. and/or Hope Corporation and/or Ryan Benis  (05.24.2018Judge Eric R. Linhardt
Civil:   Motion in limine; expert testimony; qualifications of expert to testify about standard of care; lack of experience in management or supervision of group home.  (Heim052418Li2)  (Posted: 05.25.2018)

next Heim vs. Hope Enterprises Foundation Incorporated and/or Hope Enterprise, Inc. and/or Hope Corporation and/or Ryan Benis  (05.24.2018Judge Eric R. Linhardt
Civil:   Motion in limine; expert testimony; speculation; expert's use of hearsay, inadmissible statements; testimony about speculative explanations for patterns of behavior; testimony of an expert on subjects that do not require specialized knowledge is beyond that possessed by the average layperson; statement meant to inflame the jury; prejudice; expert opinion that defendant was "negligent or reckless".  (Heim052418Li)  (Posted: 05.25.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Long  (05.24.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Suppression motion; question of whether an arrest occurred; probable cause for arrest; extendable baton as prohibited offensive weapon.  (Long052518L)  (Posted: 05.25.2018)

next Heim vs. Hope Enterprises Foundation Incorporated and/or Hope Enterprise, Inc. and/or Hope Corporation and/or Ryan Benis  (05.24.2018Judge Eric R. Linhardt
Civil:   Summary judgment motions; Mental Health Procedures Act and Mental Health and Mental Retardation Act of 1966 immunity; applicability to group home; showing of gross negligence or incompetence; issues for jury.  (Heim052418Li3)  (Posted: 05.25.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Sims  (05.18.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Consolidation motion; judicial economy; common plan, scheme or design and to prove the identity of defendant as perpetrator; related deliveries of drugs; evidence capable of separation; prejudice; danger of cumulating evidence.  (sims051818L)  (Posted: 05.17.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Kellam  (05.16.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Civil:   Reconsideration of sentence; correctness of offense gravity score; Commonwealth's motion to amend sentence; failure to apply enhancement for possession of a deadly weapon.  (Kellam051618L)  (Posted: 05.16.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Bair  (05.16.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Severance motion; prosecution for multiple burglaries; prejudice or confusion; judicial economy.  (bair051618L)  (Posted: 05.16.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Young  (05.16.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Suppression motion; protective sweep of home during execution of arrest warrant; specific facts to justify a reasonable fear for safety of arresting officer.  (young051618L)  (Posted: 05.16.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Miller  (05.16.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; timeliness; jurisdiction of the court .  (Miller051618bt)  (Posted: 05.16.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Long  (05.15.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Reconsideration motion regarding rejection of plea agreement; DUI second offense; acceptance of ARD as prior offense; plea agreement binding the court; obligation of the court to follow the law and impose mandatory sentence even though no party objects to a lower sentence.  (long051518L)  (Posted: 05.15.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Shaffer  (05.15.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Post sentence motion; sexual offenses involving a child; sentencing factors including nature and circumstances of offenses, defendant’s history and characteristics, the court’s observations, pre-sentence report, guidelines and other relevant information; lack of interest in rehabilitation; risk of re-offense; sentencing discretion; use of witness to authenticate statement made to another party; business record; use of unacknowledged statement for cross examination; evidence of reputation around children.  (Shaffer051518L)  (Posted: 05.15.2018)